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About Rina

I love life and I love my kids, and the joy I get from both is reflected in my joyful paintings.  I like to paint bright and colorful paintings that bring joy and positive energy into the canvas and into the lives of the people who fall in love with my paintings.

I am an intuitive painter, so my paintings change with seasons and travels and experiences. My paintings have layers and depth as I feel each painting is an individual and each layer is an experience that affects what comes next.  I usually start multiple paintings at the same time… As I wait for a layer to dry I can move to the next and add little bits to each painting so they are somehow connected but distinct. Acrylic is my main choice of medium along with graphite, charcoal, color pencils. I like working with nontraditional tools like spatula, bbq skewers, toothpicks, cookie scraper, screwdrivers, ice picks and even hair picks,  as they don’t behave in a way you would expect with the paint, which creates unusual shapes and marks.


When I do commission work, I work with your color choice but I further personalize the painting by embedding your special words, or symbols on the canvas, so that the painting connects with you on a personal level.