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Monsoon Breeze iv (8x10)

Monsoon Breeze iv (8x10)

Rina Patel Art
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Monsoon Breeze - the series 

Growing up in I India we would await for the first drops of rain to come and  run out and splash in the water, it was so refreshing and cool as the prickly heat of the summer would be washed away; the sound of the rain and the smell of the parched earth petrichor.  It’s my fave season and I wanted my kids to experience that feeling.


I painted this series while in India last monsoon which is summer season for us here in Western Hemisphere.



A soft painting that conveys the feeling of peace in the nature.  Soft breeze laden with moist air to relief the grip of the summer heat. 

8x10 on canvas. 

Framed and ready for display.